History of Brewskis

BrewskisBrewskis was established in ogden april 1994 was established in ogden april 1994

In Ogden, Utah's Historic District runs "Notorious 25th Street" At the heart of this lies Brewskis Bar & Grill. With an interior illuminated solely by a vast number of glowing neon signs found along the walls, a fifteen foot sports-theater screen, a superb sound system for the live bands that play every weekend, Brewskis portrays itself as a truly one-of-a-kind experience. Featuring a 60' bar lined with twenty-two taps of beer, killer salads, and unique appetizers, Brewskis has become a local favorite for all generations. If age is just a state of mind.


If you've never been here, you've never been to Ogden!

This 25th Street roadhouse is rock & roll to its core—even when the bands aren’t necessarily “rock.” The music happens in Brewskis’ center room, where locals and the occasional touring act throw down everything from hip-hop to reggae to rockabilly to metal to garage-rock and more every weekend. In the two bars on either side, crowds (and there’s always a crowd) from every demographic imaginable congregate for drinks, pool and killer pizza. Salt Lake City has plenty of clubs that do it all collectively, but Brewskis has it all in one place. Lucky Ogden. Ogden’s Historic 25th Street is the home to some of Utah’s oldest and most iconic bars, from the 50-year-old biker haven Kokomo Club to the upscale City Club. But none can match the status of Brewskis as Northern Utah’s go-to live music spot and watering hole. Nightly entertainment ranges from Heavy Metal Karaoke to open mic nights to weekends packed with tribute bands and some of Utah’s best original acts, playing everything from reggae to rock to country. Even before the tunes get going, Brewskis is worth a stop just for the excellent pizza and friendly folks bellied up to the bar. If you want to get a real feel of Brewskis’ classic-pub vibe, stop in before the sun goes down and the nighttime crowd—which is always guaranteed—fills up every square foot of the joint: It’s a bar that you, your dad and granddad would agree is the real deal, not some pre-fab wannabe built on Axe body spray and MGD 64. The only thing Brewskis takes as seriously as beer, live music (killer sound system) and sports (screens everywhere) is FOOD: “Best Damn Pizza in Town” is a slogan and a promise that can’t be argued on either count.


Service We offer

Music, Brews, Bites: Brewskis' Ultimate Experience

Live Music

Our local music scene is popping and we want to showcase some of the best talent around.

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HD-TV Sports

We have a HUGE 15 FOOT sports-theatre screen with DirecTV services.

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Fun Games

Enjoy a friendly game of Pool,Darts or Shuffleboard with your friends and family.

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